Minimum Eligibility :
  • 1.Post graduate Degree/Diploma in Obs & Gynae
  • 2.Obgy Nurses/Midwives(Foreign Nationales only).
  • *No previous knowledge of sonography required
Options :
  • a. Online classes(Virtual classroom)
Contents in brief :
Basic Physics & Instrumentation, Adjustment Of TheMachine And Handling Of Probes,Scanning protocols, How To Reach A SpecificDiagnosis And Not A List Of D/D?
Obstetric :
First Trimester Scan-Normal& Abnormal, Fetal Dating, Normal And Abnormal Fetal Anatomy Including FetalCongenital Anomalies, IUGR, Placenta & Its Abnormalities, EctopicGestation, Multiple Gestations, Masses Associated With Pregnancy...
Gynae :
Normal Pelvic Anatomy, Uterine Abnormalities,Endometrial Pathologies, Ovarian & Adenexal Masses-D/.D,Infertility-Follicular Study, Endometrial Assessment, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease...